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Bass Session On Hawkesbury


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Hi all

Went for a bass fish yesterday afternoon. Was not sure about any great success given the thunder storm earlier in the day, however it became humid in the afternoon and the bugs were singing which is always a good sign.

Fished one spot for 15 minutes with no hits. Made our way two the second spot. No hits. Arrived a the third spot. My fishin buddy was on after his second cast. I was on not long after that. We fished this particular spot for about 40 minutes, and got smashed. In total, between us we caught 10 bass with the biggest being 35 cm. He put up a good little fight.

Great fun. After about 40 minutes a cool breeze blew up and like a switch, they went off the bite. Good session except for all the wake boats which continue to hammer the river system.

Here are a couple of pics.

Happy hunting,




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