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Illawong 30.12.08


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Another 2 legal bream, whilst another 3 taken by my grandpa left earlier so no picture of his 3, also landed 4 whiting.

Fairly hot day, quite strong winds

All taken on bait, SPs were a no go due to wind and lack of bites.

Also tried for blackfish but no luck, as I am a complete beginner at targetting blackfish, if anyone is willing to take me out and show me some strings on blackfishing around picnic point/lambeth park that'll be nice as i live around 5 minutes away from there, I also have collected weed and cabbage from lake macquarie


27cm and 34.5cm

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You're teasing me Ray. Before I go back to work I must fix my gear and we're targetting illawong one morning. Would you be up for this Saturday?

When you produce bream like that I just wish I was there. Healthy looking and of a nice size. Congrats.

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