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Wollongong - Land Based Fishing Spots


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Hi All,

Will be going to Wollongong for new years and wanted to do some land based fishing in the area. Any good spots or pointers? I don't mind travelling a bit around to get to a good spot. Any advice or tips would be greatly apprecaited.



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Hi Michael

There is quite a variety of things you can fish for at the Gong. The northern breakwall to Port Kembla harbour is a good all round fishing spot in my opinion. There should be some salmon around this time of year, if you fish sunrise. The other option is to try soft plastics off the front of bass point for kings and salmon, once again, the early bird catches the worm. Like all rock fishing, it has its dangers, so if you haven't fished off the rocks before you would probably be better off trying lake illawarra. The tackle stores at Windang should know the latest news on whats biting and where in the lake.



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