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Port Hacking 29th And 30th Loads Of Fish


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The 29th

2 ladies asked me to go beach with them as no other guys wanted to go with them one insisting me to teach her to fish so 2 light rods in the bag...

:ranting2: Forgot the bait no shops around woo found a tiny piece of mince on the floor which is only enoguh for 2 goes on the hook for yellowtail so first drop in comes a yellowtail until we got about 10 for bait :thumbup:

Plan was to catch some Big mac's aka Slimey's and shashimi them for dinner landed 2 in 2 hours :thumbdown: girls go for a swim i jump in too so an old lady helps look after my stuff i get back and the ladies get a few mac's one off them catch the lip off the fish only :074: the other ones landing one after another yellowtails back they go as we have enough bait now...

I felt a bit tired but the ladies wanted A few more slimmey's enough for dinner atleast so i used a secret way of attracting the slimmey's and getting them into a frenzy chucking out a live yellowtail so it stirs up the sand on the bottom I said to the ladies if i catch something on this we go home quickly as a joke while the people fishing and passing by are saying im crazy and cruel to the fish then a litle kid not more than 5 came and asked me wut bait im using and i said pieces off yellowtail so i teached him and while i was putting a piece off fish on his hook he says to me in a very silent gentle voice ummm how come your rods bending and making loud noises :yahoo: I picked up the rod thinking ok i have a 4lb leader and a 2lb mainline wut are the chances off landing a fish on this as time passes :ranting2: didnt brind the net since wasnt expecting to catch anything decent but i got a glimpse Nice flattie

Dragging it to the beach one off the ladies helps me beach it check It's a man dont need to release this fella and gunna try flattie sashimi as some raiders rate it good

PS once it waas beach the line snapped very lucky

Amazing thing is the i bled the fish and heard some squirtting noises and black blood was coming out

Hang on! thats not right gut it and out comes a bonus beautiful squid now thats a 2 in one catch :thumbup:


Actually pretty good sashimi

The 30th

Woke up by a call from the one of the ladies again want to have lunch with me cook together and and lunch then dad calls and wants to go to where i went to get the flattie

Arrived beautiful weather and even better there were some massive slimmey in the water within 2 hours caught a whole bucket i have got my yearly supply off bait :074: but they were really good fun on light line especially when they are about 400g each ended up with 7kg's

But one i wont forget is a 640g fish on 2lb line damn!!! do they fight 5 minute fight taking me around moored boats and then finally land the bugga

No squid although got a few cuttles and lost a surgeon big one too again on 2lb line first time i've ever seen and hooked one and finally know why they are known for there fight would have estimated this one to about 50cm

Cheers A.dawg~~~

Woops forgot to add the length and weight

weight was 3.6 kg cleaned sorry couldnt find the ruler at home

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Guest Aussie007

good on ya mate we need more women fishing! its a sport for everyone to enjoy :) take the lady up on her lunch offer and take a rod with you on your picnic :thumbup:

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