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Sussex Inlet Fishing


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Hi, Where about at Susex are you thinking of going? I used to go every xmas and the best spot I found for beach and rock fishing was right at the inlet. As the river turns to go over the bar it is very fast flowing but some good fishing at the turn of the tide.. Keep in mind that you are only about 1 or 200 meters from the open water.

If you keep walking down (south) you will go past some rocks and then come upon a small beach ( Sting Ray Beach) on the northern side of a large rocky outcrop..The small beach will produce good fish including good salmon if you cast towards the public bouy with some good wieght. The rocky outcrop on the southern end is also good spot but burly is a must.

You can get to these spots via a short walk from the Havern Resort, or by taking the last left turn before the surf beach on Pacificana Dr

In this photo I have attached the walk does look long way , But looks are deceiving..It is not that far...

Position 1 Inlet drop off

2 Sting Ray Beach

3 Rocky Outcrop

4 The Havern Resort

5 Cudimurra surf Beach

As well as the photo below this link will give you an aireial photo that you can zoom in on the area I mentioned..


Once at this link type in Sussex Inlet (in the search box) and zoom in on the inlet and Bar

I hope you have a great time ... I always did :1fishing1:

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Thanks mate. I am staying at that place you mentioned. Was there last year. Fished the surf beach for some good tailor. But tides are not going to be in my favour this year as high is middle day and late at night. is it good for Jews?

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