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Hi There Raiders,

I am heading over to NZ (Christchurch) for the first time for a couple of weeks in April and just wanted to attain if any of you would know where the better fishing locations are at - South Island or North?? I have a week free which I have not planned yet and I need to organise some sightseeing and FISHING for me and the Missus - so would greatly appreciate it if I can get some help as to where would be some decent fishing for Snapper, Kingies and the like... and that way I will base my trip around those locations.

Any Help would be Greatly appreciated.


Bar Crusher

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Hi mate,

I'm a Kiwi and there is heaps of snapper in NZ - they're everywhere and you'll catch more than you can eat! I know that the South Island is good for Blue Eye Cod, North Island West Coast has lots of Crayfish.

Most of the Kingfish fishing I've done is in the Bay of Islands or Whangari Harbour (North Island). Also I've heard that all the fish at Three Kings Islands are on steroids and you should pack the 80lb braid and 120lb leader for those Hoodlums.

Good luck!

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post-7616-1230884243_thumb.jpgHey there mate,

I grew up in a small fishing town 4 hours north of Auckland in a little place called Mangonui,When I was young i would walk down to the local wharf which was about 5minutes from where i lived and catch kingfish to 70 pound of the wharf along with John dory in the winter, Kahawai ,snapper and occasionally the odd bronze whaler.

Mangonui is situated About 45mins north of the bay of Islands and has some excellent local charters that will most definitly get you into some good fish wether you want to target big snapper and monster kingfish In doubtless Bay or there is a couple of boats there that do trips to the 3 kings Islands which is 50 km`s north of Cape reinga which is the top of the North Island if you are really serious about catching some big fish,The marlin a running up there now and a day on the Middlesex banks will blow your mind.I personnaly think theres two places to fish in nz , And that is White Island out of Whakatane and the 3 kings in the far north If you want to catch that fish of a life time but anywhere along the east coast from the Bay of islands to the top of the north island you can even do landbased fishing which should produce some good kingis this time of the year ,

P.s take your 24 kilo if you plan on doing that,good luck and im green with envy :1fishing1: mate.


Ive added a photo of a mornings fishing in doubtless bay about 10 mins from the boat ramp,this photo was taken about 6 years ago now but it the quality of fishing has`nt changed.

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