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Fuel On The Harbour Hits $1.48


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Went out last night to fill the boat up as she was VERY empty!

Drove down to check out the city on the way threw, beautiful night last night......

City looked like it was on fire....


Drove into Rushcutters to fuel up and to my suprise unleaded has gone below a buck fifty, first time in ages! :yahoo:

Makes a huge difference when ya need close to 700lts! :1yikes:

It was a great feeling flying back at 50kn up the harbour without worry of fuel consumptions! :thumbup:


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Hi Greg

I Win

I was a cheapskate the other week and did 450l at 79.9c . God it felt good.

Had 3 150l 20c off vouchers and jerry cans and a bladder so not quite as convenient as pulling up to the bowser but it just makes such a huge difference mentally to not be paying marina prices. We have also had the fuel barges come to us a few times as well and the saving over a few days is significant.

Yeah so it took me an hour - but it was a pleasurable hour knowing teh servo got my money not the marina and I don't have to go to the gym now.

Happy New Year


PS 6 knot limit today so the ecconomy will be good.

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