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First Harbour King..finally


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Was starting to get abit concerned about being the only one to miss the harbour Kings, Botony yes, harbour no. We were fishing the Old Wedding Cake at low tide with an incoming tide, had four small Bream rigs out with Slimey cubes as bait when my smallest outfit got bitten off, lost everything, only 6lb line(Leatherjackets), so swapped with my missus who was feathering up some livies with my 4500 Baitrunner and 20lb line. So sent out another bait on a dropper rig with 1/0 baitholder hook. Had a couple of little nibbles, then a proper bite, struck the hook home and the bloody thing went nuts, first thought was a big lizard, which soon disappeared when it took of for the heads, maybe a big Trevor, thats when I realised this thing was tearing 20lb line off and putting the biggest bend I'd ever seen in my Ugly Stik. Could it be the harbour's holy grail, shouted to my mate to grab the net as I pulled it into view, and a fantastic slab of silver glimmered beneath the waves, I could hardly believe it, then I remembered the iddy biddy little hook I was using....bugger! It then took off for the lighthouse, three times, trying to turn it with my hand on the spool without dislodging the hook, must've been devine intervention, because the hook held and we finally boated my first ever harbour King, on a Bream rig. High fives all round and an early New Year for me. I'm utterly stoked, hope you all have a fantastic New Year, and the fish keep biting, see you out there.

Tobe :yahoo::yahoo:

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Fantastic, Spent 8 months chasing these Bandits, They fight like nothing else

If you fish for the fight these are the fish for you, The Season is on so you should catch more if you target them

CHeers David

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