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A Few Flatties, Trevs, Tailor, A Rat King, Rock Cod


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It was a bit of a quiet start to the day, but soon Syd was on to a few good flathead. Mixed in were the odd big jacket.


I put out a strip of fish and soon the rat kings were around. Great fun!


We moved in closer to the cliffs and Syd managed a couple of big rock cod ...


... and this "old boot" which I am now informed is a wirrah


We thought we'd try and get some live bait, but all that we could burley up were sweep. And they were everywhere. I reckon there were hundreds of them under the boat. We decided that twenty was enough for the smoker, so we headed off to Cronulla for a few last flathead drifts.


We picked up a couple of more flatties. Here are two of Syd's.


A good mixed bag (flathead, jackets, trevally, tailor, two rock cod and a plethora of sweep)

... but, someone has to clean and fillet them all.


All the sweep were filleted ...


and put into the smoker.


Mind you, that's the only way I'll eat sweep. They're fantastic smoked.

A top day on the water and a good feed for both families.



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I am pleased to see someone else eats sweep. I must try smoking them.

I find that if you dont scale them but fillet them and then skin them they produce nice white flesh. The top half of the fillet is best but if you bone out the bottom half of the fillet including the gut bones and black bit they are quite nice.

The ones you caught seem a good size. They have got to be about that size to be good eating.

You probably know the red rock cod that size is very good eating but dont get spiked even by the dead fish!

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Top report as usual Peter. You and Syd accounted for some lovely fish in 08, and it looks like there will be more of the same in '09 :thumbup: Some more great photos (nice to see you made an appearance in one this time :biggrin2: )

A bonza 1st session for the year, producing some very tasty fillets. Keep them coming mate, and best of luck on the water



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