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Blackfish On A Beach Worm At Tuncurry


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G'day people. Me and the little lady headed up to Boomerang Beach for Xmas for a few days for a bit of relaxation. It's the first time we've been there, and it really is a nice spot. Saw dolphins from the shore at Elizabeth Beach and at Tuncurry.

We (I) didn't take any fishing gear, but when we were strolling around a servo, a handline somehow made its way into my hand. Just in case.

Anyhow, we went up to Forster/Tuncurry looking for somewhere to eat on Xmas day, and took the turnoff to the co-op with fingers crossed, but of course it was all shut. But, there were some fishos there, and some big bream wandering around in the blue, so I levered open a couple of oysters and baited the handline.

Got heaps of bites but of course the oysters don't stay on the hook much longer than a few milliseconds. So, we visited the Caltex nearby and brought back to beach worms and prawns. We were greeted back at the co-op by more dolphins!!!

So we bait up with the worms and throw out, and the bites come thick and fast. There was this lovely blue fish swimming around contending for its share, but was clever enough not to get snagged on the hook. First onto the jetty was a little toad courtesy Miss Seagoon, then when drifting the bait down towards an isolated pole east of where we were fishing, I hooked up and had quite a decent but quick fight as I skull dragged in a... blackfish??? On beach worm??? He was a keeper too, so we thought, well, we could use some food!

I have not kept a Blackfish before, didn't know the legal size, and so I had to "phone a friend" (Dad), and then cleaned him there and got rid of the black stuff out of the stomach lining. He was very yummy.

So howzat? Blackfish on beach worm? The only other Blackfish I have caught was on yabbie - so I'm good at getting the ones that are partial to meat.

Attached is a photo of the landscape up that way - is really nice. It's so different to everything around Sydney, and a lot of the rock looks volcanic or clayie, rather than sandstone.


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you get schools of large whiting travelling through elizabeth and boomerang beach on the runout tide. When the school hits you can catch 30+cm whiting on each cast... if you can get your hands onto a fishing rod it will be worth your while...

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