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Narrabeen Lake


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Hey guys

Went down to Narra Lake yesterday at 6 am to try and find my first decent fish from there. I was fishing with fellow Raider Mikey aka Browney1.

As said got down there 6am an started flicking a Stiffy popper over the flats and a Squidgey 100mm sp for flatties.

Fished from 6am to 8:30 and not a single hook up but there was some small hits from flatties probably.

I fished the eastern side of the lake all the way up to woolies bridge.

Now for any raiders who fish the lake often for decent numbers of fish PM and I will arrange something with Browney1 to go fishing. I am not looking to eat the fish but just a bit of catch and release.


Looking forward to your PM's



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Was a great morning out.

I was flicking around the new squidgy pro fish with S factor on.

Got a few good hits from flatties.

Any fellow raiders that want to meet up for a fish to show kirkby and i the ropes will be rgeatly apreciated.


Hey mate,

There are fish in there mate, its just sometimes they are hard to catch. I went for a bash on Monday and caught a good feed of 50-55 cms flatties on live bait.

It seems to me that the live bait out fishes the plastics there for some reason. Never really had any success with plastics in the lake.

Got them the other day on the south side of the woolies bridge.


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Hey Charmo

What live baits do you use for the lake, prawns, poddy mullet worms.

IF you get the chance to go out pm and i will organize somethin.



Steve, use live poddy mullet for flatties. Squid works well too, will get you onto smaller fish and flatties will take it too. rod

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There are plenty of decent sized Flatties in the lake, just have to work the weed edges etc. Even on the big sand flats by the Caravan Park have them.

Plenty of Blackies in the hole by the Caravan Park too.

And someof the biggest Whiting I've seen are cruising the edges of the flats where it drops off on the right hand side ( right if back to the ocean )

I don't really see many big bream there but I never fish for them anyway. Lots of little poddie mullet to catch and use as live bait.

Luderick 59 would be the man to talk to- he is very, very experienced fisho, and knows the lake better than most. I was down there the other day, and the lake seems very healthy at the moment. I've even seen good sized Alligator Gar, and met a guy who caught a massive perch one night.

maybe you could try using a small popper for Whiting and flatties on the flats. Or better still get a yabbie pump and use live yabbies, which are one of the best baits for any of the above species.

Keep exploring and working areas- it will all come together.

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