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Yakkas At Brooklyn


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Hey guys, will probably be heading out to the hawkesbury on the weekend in search of that elusive jew!

I don't know the waterway real well and am wondering if there are any productive spots in and around brooklyn to get some live yakkas before we head off to other spots in the river.



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Hi Cib

Below I have attached two maps of the two spots i have caught yakkas in .

I have only gone for yakkas here once , and it did OK . I would prefer my second spot , which is more reliable , and faster.


This one here is always on fire. I have never been to this spot and never seen less then 10 boats here. Bit of berley , and watch them all come up . I've also caught a few nice trevally here.


Anyway good luck with it.

Cheers , Rhys :1fishing1:

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Hi chris,closest spot from brooklyn that i know of would have to be gunyah.you can get yakkas from there but is more reliable for chopper tailor which[though not as hardy] also make a decent live or butterfly bait.


I prefer to burley with [stale] white bread and fish with a light handline with no.12 longshank and smallest of splitshot.I stay in reasonably close to shore where there's no current and don't fish [*the bait*] deeper than 3-4 meters.

*Always worth throwing your first livie out with a single hook through the mouth while there,aim toward s/e end of gunyah beach and get it out far enough to hit sand.

If however you don't mind travelling then i'd go with "flattyfans" preferred 2nd spot which is west head.

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