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Hacking 31/12/08


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Hit the Hacking early yesterday and went straight out to get a few yakkas.

After dumping a bit of berley around I landed three in about two minutes then bugger all for the next twenty. As soon as the sun raised it's head the yakkas left and were replaced by sweep and really small trevors.

So with a bare minimum of Yakkas and a couple of frozen squid I pointed the poly at Burraneer Bay. Anchored up in what I decided was the absolute perfect spot and shot the three livies overboard. Before I had even had a chance to settle in one of the rods buckled over, then nothing. I left it sitting there in the vain hope that the bait was still on and said fish would return. No such luck. Wound in to find no livie attached to the hook. Down to two livies now.

I boiled the kettle as this is usually a way to get the fish on the bite. Once again my theory was wrong. Finished the cuppa when all of a sudden two rods go off almost simutaneously. Grabbed the closest one gave it a whack and felt a solid hook up. On the other rod the baitrunner had stopped peeling line off so I assumed I had missed the fish.

After a brief struggle a rat king came to the top supported by three or four of his mates. One of which had the squid bait in his gob. The reason the baitrunner had stopped was the bloody fish had followed his mate straight back up to the boat. With a couple of swings and misses on the net I finally boated him and then proceeded to bring the other one in. He must have really wanted to see his mate as the fight was ordinary and he was kicking around on the floor pretty soon later.

A quick measure brought them both in at 59cm and then over the side they went.

The other rod with a livey is still hanging over the other side of the boat so I rigged two lots of squid and sat back again. Not much happened for a fair while so I pulled one rod in, upped anchor and drifted across the bay.

I hadn't got more then about ten feet when the livey goes off and up comes an identical fish to the other two. I now had no live bait left and no keepers in the boat. In all honesty I wasnt really targetting King's either. So with the tide at the right depth it was over to Mainbar to fill the esky up with nippers then down to a nice bream spot near southwest arm.

Unfortunately the bloody wind buggered up the way I wanted to anchor with the berly flowing one way and the boat swinging around the other (and I had only taken one anchor). Frustrating but all was not lost as a couple of small bream came over the side pretty quickly. I sent another nipper out and before it had hit the bottom it got smashed and after a brief tussle an elbow slapper of a whiting came to the surface. surprisingly though she was surrounded by a group of small Kings that came up as well. They actually sat around for while just simming around the boat. I already had a squid bait sitting on the bottom so flicked a couple of sp's at them but they turned up their collective noses and shot through.

After a period of getting cranky at the way the wind was blowing me around in strange ways I started to pack up when the bream rod went off. The six pound braid was running off reasonably quick but for some reason the fish turned and started back towards the boat. Then dive, get a bit of line back, dive, get a bit of line back and so on. After what felt like about three days a king was briefly sighted before he took off for the bottom (eight metres away) then gave up and did some slow circles up to the top. Once again I had a couple of shots with the net (need more practice) before he came over the side.


Phone camera shot sorry. Not bad for 6lb, 2/0 hook and a nipper.


The phone photos of the whiting and bream didnt come out so this is when I got home.


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Mate there some good kings i just want to find somewhere where there are rat kings in the hacking and give them a go with small livies and plastics with light line but mate I cannot believe u cant get the yakkas berley with lots off bread and then dont put ur bait in the burley but the edge off the burley sweep being the fastest will all be in the burley trail and yakkas will be around the edge i usually get about 30 in 10 minute with my brother and atm lots of slimmeys around too just leave your bait on the surface of the water and burley huges slimmeys fly past on 2lb line damn! Now thats fun

Cheers A.dawg~

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funny you say that, catching a rat on a nipper. we were in the bay last weekend and after getting squid and yakas and trying several spots which have had previous success we were going over to towra for flatties and thought we would give the drums a go no luck on the live bait but when we threw a old prawn on a sp jig caught 2 lost 2 all on 6lb light gear(top fun) then one on a a gulp flick bait. as well as a few keeper bream trevally and a good flatty wasnt a bad way to finish a pritty poor morning.

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