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Gunfight At The Ok Corral


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Jewhunter and I got out again today joined by Little Slinky, Little Jewhunter and my FIL. Thought we'd fish the Broadwater and Seaway this time and it was another beaut day.

We started (thanks to Queensland's determined stand against daylight savings) at 4am and were soon zipping around looking for schools of Herring for bait. Thank heavens for being able to use a cast net on this side of the border. We did it tough until we got to the Sundial bridge where we found small patches flitting around on the surface.

I'm told that a cast net is supposed to be thrown in a graceful expanding circle that efficiently traps your bait. The herring seemed to still be willing to be caught by my banana shaped, asparagus shaped and pineapple shaped casts... Thank goodness. With a full bait tank we headed for the seaway.

The sea was like glass so we headed outside to a bait reef I'd previously sounded. Yakkas everywhere... a nice little treasure trove to have on the way to some of the inshore reefs. Unfortunately Little Jewhunter was on his first trip out on the bumpy water and he sadly turned a strange shade of green and put his breakfast into our bucket. Nothing will kill a kids love of fishing like an uncomfortable trip so we made the call to head back inside.

Good move!

Drifting live herrings in the seaway saw us connect with some quality fish. Jewhunter kicked it off with a nice sand flathead of about 50cm. Then we started to learn the truth of Hodgey's words about taking a knife to a gunfight. We basically had only break gear to fish with and it was well undergunned.

Stepping into the OK Corral first was FIL who, due to ommitting to tighten his drag, got smoked by a good fish from beneath the masses of baitfish being herded to the surface.

Up steps Jewhunter. His little break stick folds up, the drag howls and such was the drag setting that the little rod flattened like a pancake. It never even looked like he'd get that fish. It was big and angry and lasted no more than 5 seconds before shredding him in the rock wall. Call that one for a Jack.

FIL then had a stroke of luck with his outfit folding over to a good fish we called as a flattie, jack, trevally and just about everything except the 40cm odd Pinkie that came up. By now the sounder was almost blacked out by the bait and schools of good fish under them.

Then a double hookup. Jewhunter pulled up a 20cm flattie while FIL struggled with something we thought was a little bigger. It turned out to be the fattest dusky I've ever seen. It was so heavy I called it for 90cm...oh at least 80-85. Turns out it was a piddling 73cm and at least 4kg... Lucky bugger.

As fast as it started the fish went off as the current in the seaway picked up so we moved around a bit until anchoring up under a local bridge.

Back to the gunfight. Both FIL and Jewhunter had their herrings go off within a minute. Both fights lasted about 3 seconds. Bream gear was never designed for livebaiting GTs/Big Eye Trevs around pylons.

Rerig. Round 2 FILs herring goes off again followed by maybe 10 seconds of fun this time as the trev swam under a pylon and briefly appeared on the surface on the other side before busting off.

A glutton for punishment, Jewhunter pinned one of the Yakkas and sent it out on his bream outfit. I think he was hoping to choke the trevs to death before they could cut him off. It didn't work! This one took off like a rocket into clear water, running Jewhunter around the boat in the process. It stopped, decided to stop mucking around, then in an instant it had screamed strait into the cover of the nearest pylon.

Time to admit defeat and skulk away with our tails between our legs. Jewhunter has vowed never to leave home without his 50lb Loomis outfit ever again!

One last but very important note... Little Jewhunter made the capture of the day when what has to be a Fishraider record pair of underpants took his herring. The boxer shorts were so big and old they were growing barnacles but I'm pleased to say that after a tough fight with a lot if boat work they hit the deck. Strangely, Little J wasn't too keen to hold them up for a photo.

Sorry all but I'll have to post the photos another day...still accessing the net from my phone.

Hodgey, you were right. Next time well be taking colt 45s

Cheers, Slinky

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Talk about a gunfight! :gun_bandana:

I'm full of holes! :074:

Thanks for a top day Slinky. The weather was awesome once again.

Isn't it amazing how once we were back in calmer waters the kids perked up. Faster, Faster was the call from the front. :biggrin2:

You reckon your efforts with the cast net were strange. How about mine. Pitiful to say the least. You are being a gentleman for not hanging it on me. We just don't get the practice in Sydney.

As for the fishing, well it was the most fun I've had not catching fish for ages. We were smoked by some serious fish. I'm sure a little bream stick wasn't meant to be flatlined like that! :1yikes: Mmm 50lb straight through the loomis next time. Drag screwed up. I'll use those bloody things as live bait hahahaha! :ranting2:

I remember a pair of black panties that Outdoordan caught in the Cooks a while ago. J.J has the new record now. They were one ugly pair of poo catchers I'll tell you!!! :074:

Well done to Peter. :thumbup: That was a nice pinkie & THE FATTEST Flathead I have ever laid eyes on. It looked huge. I still can't believe it only went 73cms.

All in all a top day. The kids got on great & once again we had alot of fun. We've only fished twice together now on the good ship "Slinky" yet we've managed to find & land some good fish both times. All augers well for the future! :thumbup: Shame you have to be in Sydney for all of January mate but we'll catch up at the Kingy social.

That's the first time I've fished the Gold Coast broadwater & seaway & I can't wait to get back. What a spot. We are very spoilt!



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Good report Slinky and Grant and a very entertaining read. :thumbup: That was No gun fight at Ok Coral, you blokes were fishing big waters up there in Qld armed with shanghais and chook pellets as far as I am concerned and some how you decide that getting busted by all the decent fish is called fun in the sun..... That surprises me as you need at least heavy duty 12/0s with wire trace to just be able to gaff your tailor bait up that way :D

Great combination and I'm looking forward to coming up and catching up with you both in Ballina and I expect to see you both sporting 50lb mono around the culverts up there.....I reckon your next Queensland report on the heavier gear will be a real eye opener :1yikes:

I'd like to take this opportunity to personally wish you both a very successfull New Year and I'm a chance of getting up there towards the middle of January with Shirl, so it looks like we will be having tee-bones for tea at Grants and bacon and eggs for breakfast at your place ay.


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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Hi SLinky & Jewhunter

Once the kids stopped being ill, it sounded like a thrilling day on the water!!! Lots of top action, shame about getting smoked by so many big ones!! Better than no action at all!!

Re ....I'm told that a cast net is supposed to be thrown in a graceful expanding circle that efficiently traps your bait. The herring seemed to still be willing to be caught by my banana shaped, asparagus shaped and pineapple shaped casts... ..... :074::074: You should see me trying to cast a throw net???!!! I reckon I scare the fish into it! As Grant says - us southerners don't get enough practise at it ....... to even have one in your car here, is an offence (I understand!)

Bring out the Bigger Turbo "Tim the toolman' Gear!! Argh Argh!! :biggrin2: Better luck next time!



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Once again a crackin' good read from the Qld Connection ... you blokes are on fire!

Drag out one of the bigger TCurves with a 3000 on it Tony and you will turn the tables on those buggers quick smart ;) But be warned ... I have an unpleasant memory of a reasonable jack doing some unreasonable things to my chronarch last time I was there :biggrin2:

Grant: step onto the Good Ship Slinky with your Loomis under your arm and show him what fishing QLD is all about! :074:

Great report fellas. Glad to hear the young 'uns came good and enjoyed the day. Fantastic fish Peter. By all accounts it was a trophy fish! :yahoo:sigh wish I was there with you both



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