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Flatty On Popper With Hodgey’s Guide

Rod L

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Been fishing with my father-in-law Dene (Hodgey’s guide/driver/antagonist ;) ) over the Christmas period.

We’ve mainly concentrated on Bream with poppers with lots of “kisses” and a few good catches.

Poppering over a break in the weed bed yesterday and was lucky enough to see this momma come up and suck the popper in.


She fought well and with lots of instruction from the guide we were able to boat her, take a few snaps, measrure her to 72cm and send her on her way.

They’re a bit hard on the popper but a great by-catch when targeting Bream.


Thanks for the lend of the guide Hodgey, he’s not too bad :biggrinthumb:



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Well done Rod! Nice fish! I recognise that popper, too! ;) I lost my last one yesterday to a very tall tree!! Damn!

Awesome when you actually see them come in for the popper, eh?



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