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Need Help About Southerly Change..


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I was planning on going fishing tonight but i seen the weather forecast and they are predicting a southerly change and winds of upto 25/30 knots.

If i was fishing is sydney harbour will i be effected by this late change? and also is the southerly change a good sign for fishing the harbour or does it slow things down?

Advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Yes is the simple answer Syd harbour will be affected.

Not sure what size boat you are in but I wouldn't be caught in North harbour and would stick to southern shore of Syd harbour or Middle harbour where there is plenty of headland protection and you can get back to the ramp easily as it can get very messy even if you ghave to cruise close to shore. Launch from a Southern shaor ramp or protected Bay like Tunks. 30knots with put up white caps on a half meter wind wave in the harbour and spume just starting to lift off wave crests if in the middle of the Harbour or towards North Harbour. It is predicted to only blow strongly for a hour or so as the front moves in so staying put in a protected place till it blows throught would be smart.

Southerly can get the fish firing with a bit lower pressure coming with it and you are on a rising tide.

Be safe and now your limits - if it is uncomfortable it is dangerous.

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