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All Wrapped Up


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I took the delivery of the Contender almost 2 months ago. Done a few trips out fishing and a few just driving. So far it has meet or exceeded all my expectations in both performance and ride, fuel economy has been outstanding!

At sea, best boat speed seems around 24kn in slop and 30 in normal 10-15kn breeze conditions and 36kn in smooth rollie stuff and have achieved 47 in glass. Coupled this with fuel figures on the "I command" guages that I still ask myself "is that 1 engine or 2?"!

Just before Christmas she went in for first service. They went threw it top to bottom and did another detail of the boat. While it was out of the water Rich Potter installed the final stages of the boat wrap.

After owning a few bass boats and seeing first hand whats the difference between a wrapped and non wrapped boats after 12 months of normal wear and tear the cost of wraps are worth every cent to protect your investments.

First up we had a black installed over the hull as a background and then installed the graphics section to the rear part of the boat. This was done so there is a double layer skin where most of the damage will be done. Well hopefully from all the bill marks from the marlin were going to catch!

So after 2 months of stewing over names, here is the "NEXT" boat. Nothing to "out there" as it has to sit out the back of my mums house and something alittle different and away from my usual work stuff.

A turning point you could call it.....

Next boat, next fish, next woman ect ect ;)






Pop over if you see me floating about.


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Looks good - I'll change that - Looks great.

Amazing what a difference colour makes as it looks half the size on the water now with the darker colour or maybe it is just the photos.

Like the fake mud mud in a can for 4wd or bullet holes on the spivved up pulsars your wrap man should sell "marlin scars". Well at least stickers on the side like they did on the planes in the war.

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Your vessel is going to blend well with the water with that blue it will be hard to see untill photo's show it did you decide on a down rigger yet Greg?As you'd probably read about the marlins we got on the "On Site"no doubt you will be biting at the chaff to get up there we got all but a few of them with livies and the all but a few on skippers still waiting for the shots Rossco will update his report when they are e-mailed and you will see what I'm talking about with the water get up the Sally Shores and join me for for a Bundy whilst you are in Port look forward to that see you then.

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Hi Greg,

Looks like a very practical boat for game fishing with the two engines, out-riggers and the ability to walk around the boat unobstructed to control a difficult Mako or Marlin. Congratulations! :thumbup:

The only problem I see with centre consol design is that they provide less protection from the elements, but you have that cover in the centre, which is nice and wide. I'm sure the sacrifice is worth it as you will get plenty of hook up and are less likely to loss a fish with that set up :biggrin2:

I'm also sure you wont have any problems getting to and from Browns with that 500hp!!

Happy fishing :1fishing1:


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