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New Years Day Great Fishing & Rescue


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Firstly, would like to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR. Hope this year is a rewarding one, not only with money, but FISH too.........

Now to the fishing, decided new years eve to go out fishing early new years dat while everyone was still asleep and before it gets too hot...

Left home at 5am with my dad and youngest son and headed out to my favourite spots on the Goerges River. The weather was perfect, calm waters and warm water temperature of 25 degrees. Started fishing at 5:45 with instant success for my young one with a small flattie (25cm), which was very happy to swim back when released. Throughout the morning the bites never ceased using chicken breasts and peeled prawns. By 8am we had around 10 keeper breams in the bucket, including a couple around the 32cm mark. :)

At approx 8:15 am, i noticed 2 old couple fishing behind us about 200 metres away in a canoe. The water was calm. About 5 mins later i noticed a jet ski speeding towards the canoe. After a closer look, the poor old couple's canoe was submerged while they were treading water. Quickly we retrieved our rods and pulled up the anchor and proceeded to them. The gentleman on the jet ski was assisting them. I told him i would take care of the people and bring them into the boat while he retreived their belongings which were floating. I got the couple into the boat who were so relieved and took them to the local marina for safety and comfort. They were a little shaken, wet but otherwise ok. Went back to help the jet ski retrieve the canoe. Tied it to the boat and took it to shore. It was a struggle as the canoe was upside down. At the shore it was turned over to the correct position and towed to the marina by the jet ski. The couple informed me that a wave from a boat tipped them over. The main thing is the couple were ok. Secondly i would like to thank the gentleman in the jet ski for his assitance. A job well done by all.

Back to the fishing after about an hour, i immediately picked up a 40cm tailor. Next cast i had a really big hook up which to me felt a few kilos (maybe a jewie). It was taking me around the boat, but i lost it near the boat when the hook came loose. Next cast my son lost a similar one too exactly the same way..oh damn...

By the time we called it a day (10am), we had 15 bream and 2 tailors in the bucket.

A good days catch and a rescue........... :)


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Well done Majed on your part of the rescue! I bet they were pleased to see you, too! One older bloke died up near Myall Lakes when his double canoe (and that of friends as well) capsized in a big swell.

Top catch as well!!


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that looks like a good catch for the days fishing Majed, and it was good to read of the rescue you and the jet skier were involved in. We all need to be aware of others when we are on the water, conditions and situations can change so quickly. I can imagine the couple involved were extremely grateful.

well done.


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