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Crystal Fire Line Vs Stren Microfuse In The 2lb Line Class.


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I'd like to get the expert opinions on which fused line do you think would be better in the 2lb line class for fishing finesse plastics. Currently I fish crystal in the 4lb line classes and it has served me well on every thing from bream to decent sized school jewies and thumper carp while using plastics but some of claims on the Stren Microfuse box of being invisible under water and glowing under sun and black light is making the switch tempting.

I'll be fishing 2lb and will be using a 15 sized Okuma V System reel and will be mainly flicking light plastics.

Appreciate in advance any insights or opinions on this.


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Not sure that Fireline comes in 2lb..I thought it went from 3lb to 1lb. Either way although its believed that Stren is Fireline with a different dye it does seem to behave a little better. Don't pay to much heed to the marketing blurb but I think you'll find 2lb Stren nice to use for your purpose. Just watch your leader knot tieing but you'll find you can give it a suprising amount of stick.



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I use 2lb crystal Fire Line on my xlight Bass top water outfit and have had no problems. I often use a 3lb mono leader of around 6' all on a 1-3kg Strudwick SPS Rod. 2lb fire line is just the thing to rocket those super light top water lures long distances.



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