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Lower Hawkesbury And Pittwater 31st And 1st

one fishes

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The better half and myself decided that we would go and spend new years eve and new years day on the boat in the hawkesbury having a fish, so we packed the boat and headed to Brooklyn, with the idea of anchoring in one of the holes under the railway bridge.

Once there i was thinking that it might not be all that comfortable due to the howling wind so we headed around to Jerusalem bay for some shelter, dropped anchor and selted in for the night. Started fishing on sunset along with a few drinks, and things were quiet until I hear 'ooo i've got something' and the better halfs 6kg outfit starts screeming, I think to myself gee thats a solid fish less than two minutes later it had wrapped its self around the anchor rope and let itself go, I think it might have been a schoolie.

The rest of the night was quiet fishing wise, but the bourbons and the people on the cruiser with the pretty outstanding fire works made the night.

Slept to about 6am having dreams about kingfish which woke me up, go figure. So i got up thru out a line and had a stretch, sixty seconds later I thought bugger this so I woke the lady and said lets go around to pittwater, got to flint and steel and decided to troll a red and white rapala on the ten kilo outfit and thought bugger it I'll put the white soft plastic that bought from GO FISH Dural on the 6kgoutfit thinking to myself the rapala will get the fish I don't think these plastics are really used for trolling. About 15 minutes later as we were going around West Head right past half a dozen boats anchored there WHAM the six kilo out fit is buckling and screeming and the missus says I think you got something, so I Knock it into neutral and pick up the rod and boy did it go,I thought wow whats this it must be a kingy and sure enough a couple of minutes later up comes my first ever kingy it was only 55cm which earnt it its freedom, but I tell you what, I am so determined to get a legal fish but I hope it isn't on the 6kg gear as I reckon they have more pull than a bus load of school boys.

The rest of the trip was quiet except for another rat following up my live yakka that I threw out at the same spot I got my first.

Heres the pick anyway


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Well done mate, great catch!!! Sampler at SWC?? If so I didnt know you were into fishing!!! You got to give me some advice on Monday at work, hehe!!! See ya and congrats on you kingie again!!!! :1fishing1:

Yeah its me, but I won't be back at work until the 12th, Who are you by the way Fisholic? All the samplers know I love my fishing, send me a PM if you don't want people to know your name, talk to you when I see you.



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Good stuff. I was out on Pittwater yesterday and got 3 Kingies, on believe it or not, Hawkesbury Prawns. I couldn't believe it. Every now and then the sounder would go bezerk, which I can only imagine were the kingie schools under me. God love them.

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