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Rod For The Stella.


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Hey guys , managed to pick up a 8000FA stella...

Just wondering what to do with a rod setup.....

Bassically im going spinning with it up the north coast soon so ive got my eyes on the 7" Nitro Godzilla spin

Im running 30lb braid with that on my second spool

Would this rod suffer with 50lb braid on it for sydney harbour kingy work off the wharves and downrigging??

there not getting smaller each year!

Also after a rod for tuna... I could ethier run 30lb braid on the nitro with capacity or fight the tuna real hard with 50lb on a jig rod.... which the jig rod could also be used for jigging terrigal kingys....

Its only got 300m of 50lb braid on it but not sure how far it could run using 12kg of drag and a beast of a rod. :1prop:



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Put it this way..my godzilla is easily the most versatile stick i own. Its the one thing that i can and do take everywhere and i've actually grown protective of it lol :biggrin2:

1. I have a 2piece and it fits perfect into a med sized hard body rod tube for plane travel. If i do a trip its the first packed with a big Thunnus loaded with 50 braid. I might buy a Stella or Saltiga to whack on it one day but happy with the current setup so far coz the drag is still smooth as silk and i like "tough as nails" reels that need little attention. If the Stella's/Saltiga's could hold an extra 100m of 50 braid u;d have the perfect small boat game and thugstick. Unsure if they make a 1pce but check coz it'd be even better if u have no intention of travelling with it.

2. Perfect small boat troll/spin/jig gamestick for NSW. A major disadvantage of spin reels is lack of line capacity for gamefish...so u need to be able to lock down hard and use the advantage of boat speed u get off a small boat. Mine has already broken its cherry on a sydney schoolfin of maybe 14kg that dogged it out. One hand braced on the gunwhale and one on the top grip u can really hurt just about anything with it (including yourself)

3. Versatile enough to throw slugs/poppers a long way at surface schools, troll/jig/downrigging for kings and pelagics, livebaiting for jews/kings/snapper etc. I reckon i use it twice as often as anything else i have.

4. Very light but u can still abuse it...topload with a small amount of 50/80 braid and take the reel to a good tackle shop and test it and others under as much load as u can (or they will let u). Gives u confidence. If u can find a stick that loads better then buy it and tell us what its called so that we can to. Mine has been abused a bit and still no discernable damage...like all good rods tho try to keep it away from contact rattle when underway and avoid tapping coz for all i know they might be brittle..i dont want to find out the hard way. Guides are tough and the seat still feels like its concreted after many lockups... and whilst i dont mind replacing tip guides it still doesnt need it. Seems rugged enough.

Guessing its about as good as u get off the rack. Maybe u could get a slightly better custom stick if u do some research. I paid maybe mid300's 18mths ago and no idea what they are now or even if they're still available...make sure u check if they do a 1pce if u have no intention of plane travel with it.

I dont often "recommend" tackle coz i've bought a lot of expensive ornaments and junk before on a whim...but this thing really was a bargain coz its versatile and gets seriously USED.

Do you mind telling me what size thunnus you have on the godzilla

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