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Sydney Harbour 3/01/09


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Hi Raiders,

(first post with new username, was PPSGT, i was reminded by my brother / best man during his speech

at my recent wedding of my families nick name for me from about 4 years to 15 years - Burley King,

it wasnt being used on FR so I got Mrs Swordfisherman to change it (Thanks :))

Hit the Harbour with my dentist who i'd promised to take out fishing in the new year

to get him onto some fish.

The morning started out great, landing 4 tailor up to 50cm in the main harbour in the first 15 mins

We then headed around to Clifton, it was chocker block with boats, but no fish.

And I mean zero fish, didnt loose a bait all morning we waited for the change of tide,

which didnt help so we started back home.

Got back into the main harbour, to find it boiling with tailor again, so we had a

few more casts and picked upt a few more.

The tailor were of mixed size, then the smaller ones started clearing the water,

being chased by some monster kings, that looked like mini Torpedoes

( I watched pearl habour last night on tv :)) I had some that would have gone 90cm

right alongside the boat, with their tails sticking out of the water

We had them that close to the boat we could have netted them.

Threw everyhting we had at them and they didnt seem to be feeding on eyes, and the only

fish jumping out the water were little tailor - we didnt see a single bait fish in a hour of chasing them around.

They seemd to be rats in with the tailor, then pods of big kings smashing the smaller tailor, although

frustrating not to be catching them it was very entertaining to watch.

Used 6 inch stick baits in clear/purple opalescence not a single strike in over 100 casts.

Found one dirty white stick bait in the bottom of the tackle box, three cranks into the first cast

and got absolutley slammed but 20lb fluro and 15lbs braid on my tierra 2500 was no match

and I got busted off.

The jet boat went through the school over ten times when we fished, along with the ferries, motor yachts,

tour boats you name it, yet the school didnt disappear once.

So much for them being spooked by the motors.

My dentist went home with a esky full of fish, I dont like tailor be he seemed to like them...

I'm off to the tackle shop tomorrow to stock up on white stickbaits...

See you at the Kingy Social


Edited by Burley King
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Hi Guys,

I went out on that day and we parked at Clifton Gardens. I swear I had two boats that tried to park their boats with 5 metres of me :thumbdown:

The first one must have worked it out for himself and moved to another spot 15mtrs away. The second guy comes straight through everyone and reverses up to anchor. :mad3:

I told him that his boat would swing into mine. He said no it would be fine and puts the engine in reverse pulling his boat towards the buoy. Sure enough in 5mins it swings around to within 3mtrs of my boat, so he lets out more rope. Now if I get a hook up the first thing a Kingies going to do is go around his anchor line. :ranting2::ranting2:

Anyway he was now in the Navy zone and got told to move by the :busted_cop:

Sorry to be negative, but I don't understand why people need to :1fishing1: so close to others when there is a whole harbour free.

Anyway it was a very quiet season for both squid and kingfish. Maybe they are further in the harbour?



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i was fishing sat morning, and came across teh school of tailor you were talking about.. they were jumping out of the water like aeroplanes ! i released over twenty with my mate as a warm up to catch kings.... i had no idea the big ones were chasing them! dam !

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Spent all day today looking for a tackle shop that had white stick baits....

Couldnt find a shop that had them, and I went to a few....

Got home, looked in my soft plastics box and there was a brand new packet

plus a packet of nuclear chicken ones.

I think the purple clear ones will work well on a bright day, but Sat was overcast

and they looked terrible in the water.

Dicko: All the tailor we caught were on 15g All rounder metals in blue and silver

All the tailor we lost were on the purple stick baits they chewed in half

Are you going to the Kingy social?

Leatherjacket: I think Clifton has taken the crown away from the quarantine marker

as the Kingfish carpark.

At those two spots its hard to get upset about people anchoring on top of you

I had a charter boat drop right on top of me, but everyone wants to catch fish

and on a good day the 50 meters east of the can is the place to do it.

The fish are only around the can or along the drop off if your too close in

you get hammered by bream ( and after dark it is plagued with Tailor)

People who fish west of the can give the fat security guy some excerise.

Its funny watching them stop, fat guy leaves offices, boat drops anchor and is just about to

start fishing, by which time the fat guy is at the end of the wharf is waving and yelling

He reminds me of Neuman from Seinfield

Image how many people will be there on the Kingy Social, the land based guys will be able

to walk out there, hopping boat to boat.


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