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Fishing In Broken Bay


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I went out today to Broken Bay, went up to Lion Island (the side closer to Brisbane Waters) and we didnt catch nothing :mad3: . So we dicided to go behind Lion Island, so then we waited and waited until my brother got a bite then... BANG, hes got it, his bringing the fish up, he brought it up to the boat until we forgot the net :thumbdown: then it went for another run and also while it was goin down it broke the line :mad3::( by the way it was a flattie about 55cm long.

cheers Panooch

P.S. does anyone know any good fishing spots down south (near Wollongong and Jervis Bay) :15:

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Unlucky on losing the flattie mate,

Down south is good. I don't know about the gong but Jervis Bay is good fishing. Just make sure you be carful of the marine sanctuaries. But there is still some excellent fishing. If you fish over any of the shallow weed beds on dusk and dawn, there is something wrong withyou if you cannot catch a few calamari. Bait is plentiful just behind the island at the entrance to the bay, and there are kings and bonito about the entrance as well. Bottom bashing there are heaps of wrass and some good snapper mixed in. Just outside there are plenty of flathead only a km or so off the coast

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