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Sydney Surf Beach Fishing - Restrictions ?


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Hey Raiders,

I'm itchin to try my new Penn 12ft Surf rod and in the past have only fished beaches on the Central coast.

I need to know if there are any beaches that are restricted no fishing surf beaches in Sydney (Northern Beaches or Southern beaches).

Any info on this would be great as i have not been able to find info on this in my searching so far.

Thanks All,

Stay safe


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Yeah i dont believe there is any restrictions.

Just gotta show respect to others when fishing the beach especially places like north narrabeen etc.

If people are swimming or surfing be careful.

I usually get down late in the arvo to stake out a good spot and sometimes get some intel from surfers in terms of what fish they have seen. Then when the start to thin out on dusk get a line in the water.

About 2 years ago at collaroy we started berylying up on the beach on sunset and a massive shark came right in for a sniff in waist deep water. We told a couple of surfers but they didnt care at all.

Later when the surfers were gone and it was dark we had some mad hook ups and massive runs. They were trying to pinch salmon we were hooking.


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