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Practice For Kingfish Social


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Hi all,

Just obtained my NSW general boat license (woo hoo!) and will be hiring a boat next weekend to get some practice in before the social. I've never fished the harbour from a boat before and was wondering if anyone was willing to share some advice with a total boat newbie.

I know of a couple of spots for kingfish (such as near the wedding cake, sow and pigs etc) but what other likely locations will I find them? The boat I will hire will have full GPS so GPS marks would be helpful too :) The boat will have a sounder too, so that's good.

I will head to Balmoral for yakkas & squid unless there are better spots that anyone is willing to share.

For tackle I'll be taking a 7 foot baitcaster rated to 8kg with 15pound braid, 20 pound mono leader, size 4 to 7 hooks. If / when I run out of fresh bait or can't catch any, I'll have some frozen squid, pillies, prawns and some soft plastics and metal lures to cover a few options.

How well do kingfish respond to berley?

Hey guys I understand if you wish to keep your secrets under wraps, but any help is truly appreciated!



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G'day James... I'm not a local any more so my advice may not count any more but any marker and reef in the harbour will hold kings. It's just a matter of moving around a bit until you find where they are on a particular day. Sow and Pigs is mostly an option early or late when the light is low.

Some other spots worth checking out are Clifton Gardens, the yellow marker (reef) at Quarantline, Dobroyd Head reef, North or South Head, Bluefish Point (if you want to go out the front), Middle Harbour around Seaforth or the Spit Bridge... But really any structure will hold them.

Cheers, Slinky

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