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Nice Bream On Poppers & Pencils


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Hi all

With Keith doing a club triathlon over at the Keys, I threw the yak onto the ute & got him to drop me off around the corner (away from the swimmers ) for the duration.

I got more fish there today than ever before ....... a yakking buddy usually regularly fishes well there, but he has been 'off, injured' for some months now........ the fish are not missing him at all!!!

The sun was fairly high, so I started throwing poppers & pencils around ...... and shortly caught my first fish of the day, a nice fat 30cm bream on popper!


I moved away from that spot & kept chucking the popper around & 2nd 'bloop' saw this one come on board!

He took me under structure & tried to hide under the yak too, but I coaxed him out & into the net. He wasn't very fat, but was long!



His 'fight' was actually quite lethargic & he just sat on my lap quite happily, unlike the first one, which was thrashing around like a demented being! After a few pics, I put him in the water, expecting the big splash & GORN ..... but he just lay there! Ooops I swam him for a while & then put him in the net, over the side whilst he discovered his balance again & pretty soon, he was ready to swim off strongly!


Got another nice 30cm bream shortly after (not as fat as the first one tho) & all were released to grow bigger!

I went over to the shallows & cast the poppers & pencils above the weed bed (in about 1ft of water!) and got lots of hits - caught about 5 non legals and a couple of long toms. It really was fun!

A couple of yakking buddies will be here later this week, so look forward to hitting the lake with them



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hehehe thanks guys

....What pencils are you using..... Sammys! :) they seem to be 'multi species' winners! So funny - I got them when down south at Tuross & hadn't caught anything on them till just the last 2-3 weeks! Maybe your fish are on the move north, Hodgey!!


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