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Strange By Catch


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Took the family down to Lake Conjola for the Chrtsimas break but only managed one dedicated outing which happened to coinside a day after the massive rains we had the day after boxing day :1badmood: ....cruised up to Fisho's and for some early top water action and had a little interest but could only convience some little Choppers. Changed to placcy's and managed a couple of Flathead that were a little short one end...not to worry good holdiay with the skid lids and family.

Back to my PB Lizard though....was flicking 2' Gulp Shrimps at the logs along the Fisho stretched and some how managed to lassoo this water dragon that was sitiing on the other side of the fallen log unbenowns to me. He launched himself out of the tree and tried to dive down deep and almost drowned himself while I leccy'd over to him.

I don'd the glove and lifted him from deep within the structure just before he passed out....soon after he regained his senses and started hissing at me, couple of pics and I placed him back on the log from which he came from. He instantly launched off the log dived deep and I never saw him again....

I think I'm a good chance to take out Raiders new comp 'Reptile of the Month' comp!!!!



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Hey poddytrapper,

Hey thats the wrong sort of lizard :biggrin2:

Well done on the rescue, revival and release.

Love those things, my parents have a few that live by their pond.

Cool creatures.

That second pic the lizard looks pretty hissed off at you.


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Hi Brendon

I have done the same thing, in almost the same scenario! :1yikes: I was fishing for bass with Raider Squizy and Hodgey Senior several year ago, when I cast my plastic to a solitary snag. The line looped over the stump, and then the water exploded, with this very long slender tail whipping around furiously. When we motored over to the snag, there was a water dragon lassoed to the snag :074: He was rescued by Squiz, photographed (on a film camera) and released on his merry way. :biggrin2:



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