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My First Kingy


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i'm over the moon! :biggrin2:

on saturday (03/01/09) i caught my first kingy :thumbup: in sydney harbour. this was my first time chasing kingies and i must say they lived up to their rep as fighters! during my 'pump' i often dropped the tip of my rod instead of winding down and because of this my bigone just clean snapped my line :ranting2: . i cant wait to hook another monster - i wont be dropping the tip of my rod next time round matey!

i landed 2 rats :yahoo: ; both with popper (red head, silver body), but the third; the monster, the one that got away, on white sluggo :mad3: .

it was amazing, we chased schools all day, some were on the bite, others not. we tried sluggos, poppers, fly gear (or my mate did) and often we werent successful, but other times we got smashed and our only concern was successfully landing them! it was a great learning experience and i CANNOT wait to get back out there! :1fishing1:

we had a great time on the boat, with 11 kingies caught in total; 1x 73cm on fly gear by my mate :1yikes: !

we must have bagged about 10 taylors, whilst throwing back 30-40 and took home only two of the kingies.

thanks to jan and dave for a great day on the water! :1fishing1:


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