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Need New Acrylic Windows?


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Hi Raiders,

Just wondering if anyone knows of a good place to get some new smoked windows made up for my boat, .....

Hi Tobinator I'm not sure if you've had experience with tinted boat windows before, but my savage side console came with a smoke grey moderately tinted windscreen that looks absolutely great and matches the grey trim on my boat extremely well. However although it's in as new condition, I can't wait to get rid of the tinted windscreen and have it replaced by clear safety glass, as the tinted windscreen affects my normally good night vision so bad that I have to lean to the side of the windscreen to be able to see clearly at night, even under the light of the moon. As far as I'm concerned a tinted boat windscreen doesn't do anything in the day time either that poloroids wouldn't do. Having sharp clear vision on the water these days is imperative particularly on dark nights and especially in places where you have to navigate your boat under spotlight.


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

By the way I have been recommended to have heavy duty safety glass installed in place of perspex several times in the past, and I look forward to comments on that.

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Not sure if you are any good with the tools or have mate that is but using the old ones as a template you can just run around then with a router on lexan ( stronger than perspex and UV protected). Use masking tape on the edge to hold the template to the new sheet and if you need to drill holes in it you need to adjust the drill bit slightly to stop shattering as you drill throgh. Use the correct sealant on reinstalling and job done. Just like a brittle wood to work with.

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got to agree with byron about the smoke coloured screens,my brother has it on his centre console and although it looks good you just cant see through it in low light,its dangerous ,fished in it tonight came back at 9.30 and had to stand to the side of the console to see

and with a hardtop you cant get out to drive

although they look hot,sapose it depends what time you do most your fishing,if you struggle to find a supplier ,pm me and ill ring a mate who changed his screens a while back

cheers arman

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I think you guys are right re the smoked bit, came back from the harbour new years, was abit edgy. Only problem with trying to do it myself, or replace with glass is that its a curved screen, so it would have to be pre curved to fit, I think I'll take it out myself and just go round the local joints see if anyone can make one up, thanks for your help and advice. Tobe

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