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Broken Bay Fads


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G'day all,

would appreciate any feedback on whether the dollies have arrived yet off sydney. i notice some very warm water heading our way on the charts that should see them arrive soon.

last report i had was about 2 weeks ago (20 Dec) & there were only a few rat kings hanging about.

thinking about going tomorrow.


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I haven't been to the BB FAD as yet but I was out yesterday around East Reef and the water was a cool 21.3deg and from hearing a report from Ross Hunter in the morning on 2ky I don't think the FADs near Nelson Bay have been doing too much as yet so I'm not sure there'd be much happnening at the BB FAD.

In 2008 I got some fantastic Dollies around the BB FAD around Feb/March when the water warmed up substantially - here's hoping!!!


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thanks evan, think i will give it a miss.

the CSIRO website sea temps are showing some good water on our way, so fingers crossed.

did you get much at east reef today? plenty of rats around there last week, are they still about?

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had some healthy livies from west head - nice fat yellow tail but nothing touched them all day. Had fresh squid as well, not caught fresh but good quality squid, not stuff from a servo.

Very very quiet on Sunday - not sure what's spooked the fish but I've had little luck in the past 2 weeks fishing BB and also Sydney Harbour and Long Reef last week for Kingies.

I'm hoping it's the moon phase and late this week/next week things will pick up but I'm guessing the barometer is all over the place as well with so many southerly's rolling in.

My theory is westerly winds kill the fishing and so does a southerly - once it's hit the fishing shuts. Not sure if it's my imagination but that's my observation. Further to that the old Almanac - 4 or 5 days around new/full moon seems to work best then there's top of the tide around dusk or dawn. Get all those factors working together and my experience is life's grand - pity that only happens every 3rd blue moon so I give fishing a bash whenever I've got a chance, no matter what the tide/mooon/time and I work mainly towards sub 2m swell and sub 20knot wind - prefer 10-15knot or less and 1-1.5m swell or less

dreaming I know!!!

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