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Forster Holiday Fishing


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just got back from Coomba Park and a week and a half of family fishing fun! We got up there on Christmas afternoon and went straight down to the wharf and caught 12 good Garfish and 2 really big Mullet, we ate the gars and took the fillets off the mullet and used the frames for crab bait, and pulled 6 big blue swimmers the next day, all in the first 2 days!!. We fished the oyster leases for some really good flathead, (my young bloke got a 53cm one) and a few nice flounder, we spent a day outside on a charter and the kids had a ball as well as getting heaps of fish. Final tally end up 38 keeper flathead, 47 blue swimmers, 8 keeper bream, 2 keeper whiting and 4 flounder, there was 18 of us up there and at one stage our little cottage looked like Coomba Park camping area!! We had heaps of fun and the kids never turned the telly on once, if they weren't fishing they were swimming, playing cricket or on their bikes. We really love it up there, the fishing is sometimes just a bonus to being out on the water in Wallis Lakes, wih Dolphins and Sea Eagles and any number of other creatures to look at.



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Hi Lukeanna. Sounds like you had a top family holiday up there and managed to catch a good bit of everything Forster has to offer. Good report and nice photos too :thumbup:

You should let Roberta know next time you are heading for Coomba. Robertas local knowledge and advice will make your holiday very interesting, that's for sure


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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Well done guys - sounds like you did very well over at Coomba! :) Lots of nice bream hangin' over the weed beds there too! :biggrin2: Well done on the young fella's nice flattie, too.

hehehe jewgaffer ..... Robertas local knowledge and advice will make your holiday very interesting...... I think they did very well on their own! :) Luckily, it doesn't get as 'thrashed' as the Main Lake does, with all the tens of thousands of holiday makers who come to town at Xmas/New Year.

The fact that the kids weren't glued to The Box was terrific. How's the serenity? ALways sea eagles & dolphins around. Lots of garfish at The Keys just now, too!



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Thanks for the replies, I asked Roberta just before we went up about the lake and what was biting, don't gto Forster without her insight I reckon!! I forgot to mention in one 2 hour sesion we caught 13 Shovelnose Sharks/Rays? We keep one to eat on the reccommendation of another person on the water, but found them hard to skin and not really worth the effort when cooked. Do you guys have any Ideas on cleaning and cooking these fish. Thanks again for the repies

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