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Hi I finally got back into this site, it's been awhile and a hard drive and update later plus a new name as my old one was taken.

I'm going up the Hawkesbury on 15th March tide will be a slow run in and out from .47 to 1.27 and out to .55 so it shouldn't be running that fast. :1fishing1:

I was wondering if it fishes best at this or a faster running.??? I'll put a report in after it.

I finally got my 30 year old tinny finished so I'll post a couple of pics soon. Sure looks better with a fresh paint job. :1yikes:

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welcome back jeff! I've found that I catch alot of smaller fish in a small tide but have caught some decent fish on a smaller tide aswell! I tend to go for the tide of around a metre difference as it brings the bigger fish out into the current. Pack ur witches hats mate coz if u aint doin 2 good with the fishin try putin a few traps down coz that is a perfect tide for some blue swimmers!! mmmm yummm thats got me hungry! its comin to the end of the season for crabbing but u mite b able 2 sneak a couple! hope this helps

regards shannon.......

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