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One Helluva By Catch!


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Hi guys,

Well, what a way to turn a miserable day on its head and kick it in the fads!

Nathan (PackAttack) and myself had planned to head offshore to try and jig up a couple of kingys due mainly to the fact that every weather website had been predicting low winds and swell for the better part of the morning.

Sunrise and half way out to 12 Mile Reef we were facing a pretty stiff cross wind and a current running the opposite way, providing absolutely terrible conditions but we pushed on in the hope that it was going to get better. After two very dissapointing attempts at jigging, the call was made to throw in the towel and head home as we had a long slow trip in the 5 metre Ally Craft we were in.

Very Dissapointed, we decided to troll past a few Fads on the way home and hope for a Dolly or two to try and save the day for us. After about twenty minutes of trolling I spied a single small Styrofoam Buoy floating ahead of us and then two bright blue flashes in the swell and chop, yelling out to Nathan that this buoy had Dollys on it, we both looked up and realised that they were not Dollys but the two Pectoral fins of a 70 - 80 kilo marlin sitting right on the small float.

We quickly lost sight of the fish in the swell for a minute so decided to circle back past the small fad when we realised that the fish was actually following us right at the back of the boat! It cruised along with us for about 5 minutes but only showed a bit of interest until we surfed down a big swell and pulled the lures away from it quite quickly. Then all hell broke loose!!!

Then in a flash It all happened. The fish screamed up on the Lumo Mosquito, the rod loaded up and then the ratchet screamed... and screamed and screamed.

it was hard as hell to fight the fish in the crappy conditions but to cut a longer story shorter, 35 minutes later the two of us had it boatside grabbed the leader and had our first Marlin from MY 5.10 Metre Ally Craft runabout.

To say we are stoked would be an understatement, the rest of the day was a blur as all we did was laugh in disbelief about our by catch of Marlin while out targetting Kingys.

Not a bad way to save a bad days fishing..

We took a couple of snaps aswell, they werent real easy to take out there at the time with the conditions and adrenalin rushing 100 miles an hour in opposite directions but here you go.

Hope you all like the pics...

Me, Nath and one of the retrieved and nearly straightened Dojo hook :1yikes: .

Cheers guys





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Hahaha good one chewy, well told story.

Those pics make the fish look small, or are we just too pumped up and make it look small, i noticed u doing chin ups and push ups while i did all the hard work. Are they the phone pics or camera pics?

Ull sleep well tonight!


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Well done guys, great by catch.I was out there today and lost 1 nice king and then got 1 john dory.

That buoy you found the beakie on was it someones fad or a fish trap,they are usually 1 to 2 fish traps

south of the 12 mile I like to check for dollies.


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Thanks Guys.

was something i wont be forgetting in a hurry.

nath: those are the camera pics mate. I'll post up the phone snaps aswell.

They do make the fish look smaller dont they. how embarrasing, especially after the monster I described in the post. :1prop: That fish felt every bit of a thousand kilos when i was winding it in, in those conditions.


Not sure if it was a private Fad or a trap, only one buoy was visible from memory. though once the Marlin was spotted, the Blinkers were on pretty quick and not much else was taken in after that.

We were North a couple of Km's of 12 mile when we stumbled across it.

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Oh great catch fellas. You just prompted me to realise I forgot a golden rule when out there, "Always Check Surface Objects, No Matter How Small" Flotsam is a great FAD in the wide open spaces. I was out at Murphys recently & drove straight past a fish trap with 4 syrofoam balls on it. If I had of remembered the rule I might just have finished our crap day in style like you.

Well done.

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Thanks again, guys.

We've been getting a few calls about this, so here's a few more details.

The fish was released nice and healthy, allthough a little confused.

was caught on a Tiagra 30W LRSA - 15kilo,

21.3 degree water and took a lumo Pakula Mosquito.

We only had two lures out at the time and were trying to get a third one out when it all happened.

The fish had a go at the other lure aswell but we didnt realise this until checking the leaders of both lures after we had landed it. The other lure we had out was an Evil Angel - Pakula Cockroach.

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What a fantastic capture... one I dream about a lot from my own little boat. A great way to save an ordinary day indeed :thumbup::1yikes:

Not a great advert for Dojo hooks :biggrin2:

Cheers, Slinky

Great report and brilliant capture - well done guys! What a day to remember!!!

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