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Outboard Dieing ( Fuel Issue)


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Hey guys, i got a blueband 80hp merc, and lately it has been dieing due to starving of fuel..

I have to manually prime it for it to continue to run..

I noticed today that if i have my fuel tank higher, on the rear corner seat it runs perfect..so its like it cannot suck the fuel from the tank where its sitting,

are there any fixes to this? how does the motor actually suck the fuel, im assuming it does not have a fuel pump?

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Has a diaphram fuel pump that gets a pulse of air from the crankcase pressure. Diaphrams do get holes and some are affected by age or ethanol. I'd check your fuel lines aren't sucking air at the connectors first as well along with your primer bulb and also the fuel tank breather for restrictions as well.. The fix is just to service the fuel pump. Before you buy the kit or a new pump I would remove the fuel pipe that goes from the pump to the carby - prime the bulb and fuel should come out. If you are in a open area turn the motor over on the starter and fuel should spew out under pressure. If it does it may not be the pump and I would look closer at the tank and fittings for air leaks. If it doesn't it is 99% your pump.

If you have access to a mates tank, bulkb and fuel line use it as a test and if all is well you know yours is definately up the creek.

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