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Sydney Harbour 6-1-2009


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Hi everyone, I took my son out for a fish again today with my mate Bill, our destination was

the harbour. we got out on the water around 11am and went straight for a well known

marker at Q point. There were already half a dozen boats there, we found a nice spot to

anchor up and get the berley flowing. Within a mere 30 secs my boy is screaming " I got

a Kingy, I got a Kingy". line was peeling off his little spool at a rate of knots, anyway a couple

of mins later he had a rat King on the boat, and he was making a heap of noise. I'm sure

all around us could hear him. Over the next few hours we boated heaps of 55-61cm Kings and

a heap of Trevs, I didn't see too many fish being landed by the other boats though. The Kings

were given back to Poseidon, but the Trevs were given to our families for a feed. We left after

me and Bill were getting a little bored with catching the same thing over and over again, but

my 6yr old was not pleased, he just kept wanting that one more fish after one more fish.

On our way to refuel the boat we encountered some bird activity, and we threw a few slugs

in their direction and we ended up with a few good size Tailor, but the interesting thing was that

we saw several 90-100cm Kings tailing them to the boat. We tried all sorts of different ways to

get a hook up on one of these beasts, but were frustratingly out of luck, nothing worked, we even

threw a 40cm Tailor out with a hook in his rear, and that proved fruitless as well. Well that

concluded our fishing activities for the day.


A couple of pics form our day.

My son and a King


Bill with a rat


The boy with another


Our fish outside Bills house just before everyones families got a share


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Hey mate,

Well done on a good haul of kingies. Even though they have to go back they are fantastic fun!!!

I was out this arvo after work ( 2 days full time and i can't wait to retire :1prop: ) and there were heaps of tailor and kingies abut. Got a few smaller ones and had a big one chase up a hooked tailor too.

Well done on the trevs, there are heaps around at the moment!


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great day out and the young fell has a big cheesy grin so he was more than content with the outcome

as for the hoodlems sux when you can see them, bigger and much wiser but still atracted to anything that flashes colour and is in destress even when there not feeding

do you think a gar would work gary

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Dear Penguin

My son caught another 2 but you are way in front

Congrats on another sucessfull day

See you out there oneday

Best wishes


Well done to your little guy Simda :thumbup:

congrats on the good haul.

what bait were you using?

PPP still works?

Yes PPP is still working,

also Free Floating Pilly Pieces worked just as good.


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Hi Penguin,

Looks like you guys had a good day.

I havent fished quarantine for awhile due to weather then along came the holidays.

Gets pretty hectic in my little tinnie.

Looks like you got a nice boat there mate.


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Nice session Penguin. These hoodlum kingfish seem to be around alright but it seems they are in groups with the males showing off their skills to impress the female, the old courting method that applies to neighborhood dogs and handsome blokes like you and me throwing a few young blokes around in front of a disco. I've given it a bit of thought and it might probably pay to think about downrigging in the dark. :D


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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Great day had by all it appears. Pity about the larger models not wanting to play.

How do you cook the trevors? I only ever use them for bait but heard they were quite nice if smoked.

Good to see the young bloke enjoying himself. Not long before he outcatches dad. :biggrin2:



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