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Reef Fishing Charter


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Hi Guys,

Can someone recommend me a good, sure catch, economical (AKA Cheap :tease: ) fishing charter in Sydney..On the bay or Hakwesbury ?.. :1fishing1:

Few of my mates wanting to go, so far we have a head count of 4...

Thanks in advance..

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Good Operator, 'Guaranteed Catch' (as much as it's ever possible), and cheap.

You'll only ever be able to get at most, 2 of these from any operator.

Definitely give Ross Hunter a call. There are cheaper operators out there but many are either cowboys with cheap shitty gear, uncomfortable boats, with too many 'punters' on board (I got taken by a mate on one last year with 21 people lined up along the side using deck winches!!)... or they'll flog a couple of easy spots close to the fuel bowser with almost no fish and wouldn't work to find fish to save themselves.

Ross and his son Glenn are great skippers with great boats who'll pull out every stop to get you onto fish. Better to go out less often on a better charter than blow your money.

Cheers, Slinky

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