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Fishign South West Rocks


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over the christmas long weekend a few mates and myself decided to go camping up at south west rocks to try and get a few days fishing in. it was quite a last minute decision and the only place we could get a spot camping was at smokey camp beach.

after leaving at 2pm on christmas eve we finally arrived at the camping grounds at around 8, by the time we put our tents up and had a bite to eat, we were too exhausted to go for a fish, so we decided to crack open quite a few cold ones :beersmile: to relax a little.

over a few beers we planned where we would go fishing the next morning, the plan was hat head

waking up early the next morning with quite a bad headache from the night before, we quickly cooked up a feast of bacon and eggs and headed of towards hat head

after about a 20 minute drive we finally reached hat head. we had read about a rock fishing spot called 'spinning ledge', which is supposedly a famous ledge for the likes of cobia, bandits, makerel and so on. as we are quite the amateur fishermen, we were pritty excited about giving this spot a crack. but what we didnt know was that it was a 30 minute hike to the fishing grounds.

after a grueling 30 minute hike with quite a bad hangover, and 100% humidity we finally got to the ledge. there was already a group of people fishing there who looked like they knew what they were doing. after having a little chat with a few of the fellas, we found out that nothing had been caught all morning, not even a sighting of fish. so for us, you could imagine after hiking all that way, we were quite dissapointed by what we had herd.

nevertheless we had just walked that all that way, we wern't leaving without at least wetting a line.

by the time we had rigged the other fellas were calling it a day, so we had the whole ledge to ourselves, which was a plus.

first cast from my mate and bang hes on to something after a quick fight up comes his first king fish, nothing big just a little rat, but his fist kingie ever few more casts and he was onto his second.



after a couple of hours we had landed a dozen or so bream all released back to the water and one sting ray which was a fist for me as well


after the high the fish started to go of the bite so we decided to call the morning session to an end.

got back to the camp and decided to go for a swim on smokey cape followed with quite a few thirst quenching :beersmile:

after the swim and beers we went back to camp for a well deserved sleep

woke up round 7ish that evening and decided to go for a fish of the beach and try our luck and see what we could get.

by the time we rigged up and casted out the lines it was pitch dark so we started a fire and started to pour a few boubons to wet the whistle.

an hour had passed and nothing had taken any of the baits, so i decided to walk down to check my line, half way to my rod i saw it buckle over and the drag scream away. i dropped my drink and ran towards my rod.

by the time i got there the line was all slack and i thought i had just lost whatever had taken my bait. but wasn't i wrong as soon as i put tension on the line bang the monster went of tearing line of my reel like there was no tomorrow. i yelled out to the boys im on and they all came running down in anticipation wanting to see what i had hooked onto.

after a 20 minute battle of running up and down the beach my mate caught a glimpse of a shark in the wash, we all shat ourselves as we thought it was a shark feeding in the shallows. but after a few expletives we realised it was the fish i had caught. got it up to the sand and we were absolutly gob smacked, it was the biggest ting any of us had ever caught it was a shovel nose shark about 165cm long weighing approximately 40-50 kgs. after quite a few happy snaps we relased her back to the deep blue to fight another day.



after that fantastic day of fishing the wind picked up and practically made fishing impossible but all in all it was a trip worth making and will be definitely going up there the next chance i get

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Good report F1sh3rm4n :1welcomeani: to Fishraider! It took me five minutes to refer back to your post and check my spelling. With all your fishing mates, there would be a chance of there being a few more F1sh3rm...etc member names in the pipeline ay. Sounds like you all had a top holiday at SWR and it's no mean feat catching kingfish at Hat Head.

By the way that monster shovel nose would have to be a chance of taking out Fish of the Month if not being close to a Fishraider record. I would have to think about voting for it as its face reminds of whimpy in the poppeye comic. :biggrin2:

A big well done to all of you!


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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firstly :1welcomeani: f1sh3rm4n tothis great fishin site. Great report there & also some nice kingies & what a great size for a shovelnose shark. i dont r=think i have seen one that big before well done to you & your mates

cheers john ,

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Top report there f1sh3rm4n ,

Good to see the snakes or large kangaroos didn't get you on your way out to the point . Its a magic spot and still fires on its day . Not like the good old days when ron calcut used to spin big spanish and cobia off there .

The shovelnose is a top catch :thumbup: and are also a good flesh if cut up properly, the meat is superb to eat .

Cheers Dogtooth..... :1fishing1: ....John...... :beersmile:

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top catch fisherman..freakish size shovelnose..nice kingies 4 your mate aswell i take my hat off to him and yourself.

cheers b4nd1t :thumbup:

Ditto !! By the way :1welcomeani: to Fishraider b4n1t . :thumbup:

There's been a couple of new computer age names lately. I'll bet it won't be too long now between b4nd Rfta :D

Cheers :biggrin2:

jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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G'day F1sh3rm4n

Ah this takes me back mate, my 1st trip with some mates to swr was in 91. & like u we couldnt get accomadation around xmas time so we camped at smokey cape beach for $5 to the ranger. We fished at Hat Head and my mate hooked a monster Jew only to lose it just before gaffing when hes small keeper hook straighted out (lesson learnt). Anyway we had a great trip and caught more fish in the river out of my tinnie than we were use to catching & i was hooked. So every year for the last 17 ive been going back, sometimes 3 & 4 times a year, i own a seaworthy boat now and chase marlin, cobes etc & every year i go there seems to be yet another memorable catch.

Thats a great shovelnose capture & thanks for letting me relive some great times through your post.

Next time u go try the breakwall in the mackleay river for Flathead, Bream, Jewfish, Moses Perch, Stingrays, Whiting, Estuary Cod, Tailor, Sharks, Cobia.

Cheers Brett

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yeh u got the rite idea mate. hat head and smoky cape are prety hot spots..also give the breakwall a crack ive cort sum nice cobia and jewies in there..good spot but the current can be a bit a a pain. also if u get the chance take a drive to grassy head just a bit further up the coast. its teeeming.

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