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Saved By Some Choppers


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Got a late start yesterday on Brisbane Waters with my mate and our 3 teenage boys. Anchored at Hardys Bay and used bait and plastics for no bites, then tried a drift between Box Head and Lion Is with no bites either. Motored over to Lion Is and around it looking for fish sign.

We were saved by some surface activity in the lee of the island, which turned out to be chopper tailor. They were biting on almost anything you threw at them, with lots of missed strikes until you finally hooked one. Had to keep moving to keep up with them moving about and us drifting around. I didnt get a single photo as I was too busy driving, directing the boys, removing fish, rigging lines and occasionally replacing the couple of plastics and catching a few myself. Between the 5 of use I reckon we caught and released about 30-40 chopper tailor which were fun on the light gear, only got 2 that were legal.

Looked like we were going to get drenched by the storm but it stayed west and only slightly dampened us on the way back.


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