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Recent Live Bait Troubles


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Gday Raiders.

Just wondering if anyone else has been having as much trouble as i have over the last week catching livies at Balmoral? I'm constantly catching sweep after sweep after sweep, and the yakkas are extremely small and a tricky to catch.I've never had such trouble.

Am I doing something wrong, or does anyone have some advise or reliable alternatives?

Thanks in advance! :thumbup:

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had the same prob a few times catching timtams you need to keep the sweep busy berly hard get the sweep at the back off the boat then throw a hand full amunst them

the timtams will be feeding on the edges somtimes they will hang in the shadow off the boat

sweep feeding behind the boat yakkas feeding on the edges or on the sides you have to sight fish so to speek

cherrs gary

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We've been having lots of trouble with squid, just can't seem to get any for some reason, this has happened before and its quite frustrating. I don't usually bother trying for livies but i think i might start seeing we can't get the squid. :thumbdown:

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Try going to any of the markers or the jettys and burley up you will get better results than balmoral and try using a bait jig with only three hooks and send the jig down further i find the higher the jig more chance of sweep

what ramp do you come form?


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