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Leader Line For Nepean Bass


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Hi guys,

this is my first post, never used a forum before but i thought id give this one a go. Ive fished the nepean a few times for bass mostly around the penrith areas, had a bit of success but really wanted to know what kind of leader i should be using, my main line is 6lb fireline and usually i have been using 20lb mono as a leader, but after learning a bit from this site im guessing that it is way too heavy, i have some 4lb vanish line that i could use as a leader but i think i would get broken off easy, any advice you guys could give me would be much appreciated.

regards reeseman.

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hi there just to give you an idea i use 2lbs braid with 4lbs leader/1lbs braid 2lbs expect to get busted up quite abit useing the second

i wouldnt use a lighter leader then your main line so if your useing 6lbs i stay around 6-8lbs leader i would not go any heavier

if your interested in an late arvo/night surface session shoot me a pm ill be heading out a cpl of nights next week


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