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Trolling Livies Without A Down Rigger

scotty d

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hey guys just wondering if any of you troll livies without a dr, and if so how you go about it??Was thinking of putting a sinker above my swivel to try and keep it down a bit cause i find they come to the surface and flail around a bit, even at slow trolling speeds . also ive been hooking them through the nose, is this the right spot to hook them?my mate use to hook through the top lip and out the bottom so was gonna try that next time .Ive had luck with the rig ive been using when drifting, but none trolling.

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You should do it your mates style or in the bottom and out the top lip

Wut i do is snap the yellowtails spine in the middle so that it's really wiggly this way when you troll at under 5 knotts the yellowtail looks like its swimming and use a big ball sinker running down the line

I havn't had much sucess catching kingies trolling livies though mainly big tailor tunas and mackerel


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Use large barrel sinkers so there is less drag on the line.


for really big baits or jumpy fish use snapper leads on rubber bands so it can pop off and get out of the way.

use straight hooks so it swims straight!(not off set)


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G'day mate,

I use purpose built trolling sinkings. They have a swivel at one end where you attach your trace and a wire loop at the other that attaches to your snap swivel in your double.

The sinkers have "wings" on the sides that enables them to plane down.

These things work beautifully and I've caught great kings this way. Of course I'm yet to hook a hoodlem on one, that would test their strength I'm sure but so far so good on kings up to the 80cm mark.

I hook the yakka through the bottom lip and out the top the troll them along.

Works a treat and would recommend you give it a go.



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