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Harbour Session 10/1/09


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I had been busting to get out on the harbour to chase these Oh So Elusive Kings i had been hearing about since new years.

It was my first session back on the water since prior to Christmas and In desperate need of getting some King Blood on the deck.

With all this i was up after little to no sleep at all and chasin squid in darkness Fishin Solo. Squid again were hard work at the usual Haunts in the dark. Averaged 1 per Hour. :thumbdown:

Daylight broke and the search for more bait continued and improved some what. Ended up with what i thought would be enough bait for the day in No Time at all.

Armed with A tank full of healthy squid I hit my fav Kingy ground in search of a better class of fish than these 40cm mods that have been getting about.

First bait down, 30 seconds later the rod buckles and starts pulling drag.... IM CHEERIN!!!!!!! This fish actually put up a fight!!!!!!! Fish landed after a bit of trouble and landing net falling appart. 74cm and fat as... WOOOO HOOO!!! First king for the year and its a keeper and fought well above its weight.

OK bait goes down again... Bang i'm on again!!! this continued for most of the morning. Most of the fish were smack on 60cm. One took the bait before i even got a chance to lower the Downrigger bomb.

With my final bait left i changed location. This got mauled by a 65cm little specimin, By this time it was raining so that was it for the day.

All in all a heap of fun and a feed for me.

If things continue like this its going to be an interesting social.

See you all out there.

Pic of the first fish for the day.


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Sounds like you did better than most out today Vince, we found it pretty slow, kings around but real fussy. I was going to ask if we you were out today, i thought i saw your boat, we we're in our white Triumph Centre Console if you saw us.



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You just had to see if you still got it aye Vince? If memory serves me well then you are going to need another 5cm on that fish for the social to match last years winner.

You have to love how the squid like to turn it on and off. Sometimes I wonder if I should just start fishing at 9am and stay in bed for the morning..

Nice fish to start the year mate.

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Josh, Saw you guys rock up at MH chasin bait. Nothing there so i moved on Qucik smart.

Boban, Mate the smalest bait i had today and too boot it was dead pulled the bigest fish.. WTF???? Those early moring squid doesnt matter how scarce they are are worth every hour.

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