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Harbour Jewies


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Hey raiders,

I reckon if your keen on a jewie then get out there.

Our last few trips have netted jewies with heaps of good hits.

We went out for the high to low tide shift last night.

Got out on the water about 7pm. High tide was not good with our baits getting taken by eels.

Once the tide started running out the bite started.

They were only interested in whole pillies again.

We ended up with 2 good fish and dropped a few more. My mate was on fire last night getting both fish with me dropping all that i got a run on. :1badmood:

One run in particular was a beauty but the single hook rig didnt take. All success lately has been on 2 hook rigs.

Awesome night on the water with the full moon shining bright. We left before low tide as just too tired. The low tide wouldve have been worth staying for but we bailed out.



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Well done Mike. :thumbup: Have a go at the top of the tide around the entrance to MH next time and tell the gaff man to have the gaff handy but not to gaff the jewfish in the space above the gills as the strip in the middle will break away due to the weight on the gaff. :1yikes::biggrin2:


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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