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7-1-09 Kings At Wedding Cake


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Hi Guys

Sorry for the late report but due to work and fishing activities was unable to access a computer.

So I went out on Wednesday hit the water at 630am there was plenty of boats at rose bay already so I knew we would not be fishing the usual spots on our own again .

Got to Wedding cake and there where around 7 boats with in 50 meters of each other it was incredible so I park behind the last boat going down wind around 50 meters away and notice a whole heap of burley coming my way and thousands of yellow tail around the 10cm mark right under the boat it was perfect so drop down a bait jig caught a dozen livies and was very happy with my efforts in 5 mins had enough livies for the day.

We then sent two of the livies down and threw out our bream gear and waited to see what would happen in around 1 hour we caught 4 legal bream biggest was 38cm and two flathead biggest going 75cm pretty happy with our by catch so headed to south head to the red marker not much on the sounder so headed over to OMH

We fished for about half an hour for zero bites so decided to bring up the pick while doing in so broke the rope and lost my brand new 4 meters of chain and my reef pick

Had no choice but to fish in calm water for the rest day so went to spot x (drum at Clifton)

Threw out some livies and started to cast stick bait at the drum

You would not believe it, the kings would chase the bait all the way to the boat but would not bite or even have a slight go at the jig, we even had fresh squid strips from the week before and they would follow it all the way up to the boat with no takers it was very frustrating to be able to see the fish and not be able to entice any to have a go. After two hours of frustration we went back to the wedding cake and tried again this time we could see the kings chasing the yellow tail threw our burley so began chucking pealed prawns on top of the water the kings would come up have a small bite and disappear again .I tried pealing a prawn and with a small suicide hook un weighted to entice another bite for no luck.

Switched to lures tried soft plastics, hard body and metal lures for not one bite In the end gave up headed home and acknowledge defeat [/b]King one Richard zero 2009

Some pic of the day




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