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Dolphin Fish


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i was out all day 2day.. no dollies off broken bay..

only had 20.5C went 2 fad and found heaps of bouys.. none in sight,

we were loaded with livies but never get 2 use them

What were the weather conditions like baggin out.

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yeah prob not the greatest.. was pretty sloppy in the morning punching into a nth easter of around 15-20knts.. and the swell was maybe 1.5-2m and heaps close 2gether.. could only manage around 13knts on way out.. but started 2 calm down (a little) late morning.. then blew up again just after lunch..

when we were coming through heads it was a mess, had that massive tide running out and swell and wind meeting it head on...

was rougher then i have seen some notorious bar crossings...

Really, where where you heading out from and what were you in?

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hi lala

What water temp did you have out there.Did you try live bait for the dollies.

Hi NIC-NAT, the transducer snapped off my boat last week must of hit

something so no sounder yesterday :1badmood: , but bought a new

better one just need to get it fitted. The water looked nice but would

only be guessing as to the temperature.We found the dollies under a

small floating log and tried live yakkas and small trolled skirts for no


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Headed out on the 10th off Sydney, there were none about at the Botany FAD, just some undersized Kingfish.

Temp needs to rise a couple more degrees.

There were flying fish everywhere too, all about the size of big dragon fly. Though nothing was harassing them.

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