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Hi All

Little Rodhogger and I have not done a lot of fishing lately as the Bay has been BLOODY BUSY with holiday traffic. We have had a few days checking out some of the beaches and swimming with the family and have also run into a mate from work who we have been swapping fishing info with - this is his story of the last couple of days.

It started off when Don headed out yesterday to a favourite spot of ours that we had recommended and that we had been discussing just on Friday. This is an area we down-rig but Don anchored up instead and started a burley trail. Action was a little slow with a livie out on heavy gear and live worms on 10lb bream gear. After about an hour or so he saw a shape in the burley trail which turned out to be a big hoodlum. And which bait does he decide to scoff??? The worm of course. 10lb line flashed away with Don just hanging on, however fishing by yourself, anchored up over reef with a big King on 10lb gear sceaming away doesn't paint a good picture and shortly afterwards with Don trying to screw down the drag the inevitable happened and the line goes pop.

Now Don is a persistant fellow and decided to come back today to the same place. This time he left the worms at home and brought poddy mullet instead. One on a float and one down deep and the waiting began again. Once again the Fish Gods were smiling on him and a Kingie swallows the deep bait. This time however it's on 25lb braid and a short time later Mr Kingie lands on the deck. At 70cm somewhat smaller than the previous day's bruiser however still a nice fish from 10meters of water.

We cruised past a little while later and interestingly several other boats with live squid and yakkas had not had a touch. Looks like RH & I will have to brave the holiday traffic after all next week. Now where the hell do I find some mullet!!!


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