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Dont Give Up Sydney Harbour


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Went Fishing Saturday & Sunday on the Harbor


Started at 6am worked hard to get 2 Squid and picked up a small octopus on the squid jig which we threw back. So Armed with a packet of Prawns and the 2 squid we went looking for kings

Went to Yellow Mark at south head with some overseas friends who lasted about 5 minutes before I had to drop them back to the Warf, ok it was a bit rocky

Tried a few spots with no luck, at 12.30 called a friend to see if he wanted to join for a hour before I got of the water, Went back to on of the spots that did not work in the morning and lost what I think was a big travail right at the boat, It was fighting very hard but I knew it was not a king

Then after another 10 minutes caught at 53cm King, amazing how hard these small kings fight. While we were unhooking and another line got hit and broke the line before we even knew it was on and of.

Not long after we then got another on a rig for smaller fish with 4.5 kg line and a very thin rod, it took a lot longer to land this Fish, Probably the best fight to land this fish ever had on my boat, It was also my Friends first King and although it was another Rat 58cm it was the biggest fish he ever caught, See Picture

We landed another Rat and Ran out of the Squid so we called it a Day

Got Home and told my oldest son we caught 3 kings and 2 squid 1 small octopus and he got a bit upset he did not some so promised I would take him out Sunday

Sunday Started late 9.30am but managed to pickup 2 small squid, Headed to the same spot that worked the day before but another boat was already there and was landing King after king all about the same size, He was by himself but I thing I counted over 15.

We had a lot of trouble anchoring with the strong wind, The sounder showed fish passing under us but we caught nothing for 1 hour then the front rod went off and we caught a king 57cm, My son was so happy and before we could take the Hook out of its mouth the gut in the other Boat called out that we were on with the back Rod

Landed a second 57cm King, Took a picture and sent them both back into the blue

This is the second time in 2 trips with my 7 year old that he had to kings in the boat at the same time, How cool is that


Looking forward to when we can keep a fish but I’m still very happy catching the Rats although people look at me strange when I say I had a successful day fishing but did not bring any fish home

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