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A Nice Pair Of Flatties


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G'Day all.

I had a terrific phone call last Monday from my youngest brother, who had heard enough from Hodgey Senior about his recent sojourn to Tuross that he had to investigate personally! :biggrin2: He (Marc) has had little experience fishing saltwater, and had never caught a flathead. :1prop: He had certainly never tried surface lures.

He arrived 1am Saturday morning, and enjoyed a couple of quiet ales until 4am, when we finally hit the sack. Yesterday afternoon we headed down to a landbased location, to teach him plastics and poppers techniques, in an area that is relatively clear of obstructions. A couple of quick lessons, and I left him to his own devices. Second cast, and he hooks and lands a nice tailor :1yikes: Needless to say, he has caught the surface bug. Filed them away, and started to give him instruction on soft plastics. Whilst giving him lessons on retrieve, I managed to land a small flatty at 45cm. Marc was now super keen to get out on the water!

Dene took us out onto the lake and played 'guide' while we tried to find Marc's first flattie. It may not have been a 'world-beater' but he was thrilled nonetheless!


Shortly afterwards, I am into a terrific flathead. Get her halfway back to the boat and 'ping': the line breaks about the leader! :mad3: I managed to salvage some semblance of pride moments later :biggrin2:


The wind really kicked up and we found it pretty difficult to drift and maintain contact with the lures. Marc had a couple of enquiries, including one that took his lure in close proximity to the boat. He was astonished at the number and size of flathead that he could observe in the shallows :1yikes: I reckon he will come back again :074: Deno picked up a good whiting on popper, and I landed this


With the wind fairly whistling around our ears, we had a quick bash with the poppers before heading in. We could only rustle up a handful of tailor. Finished the day with 5 flatties and a whiting for a feed, and a couple of tailor for Dene's puppies.


A hearty "Thank You" to Deno for all his efforts once again. He always manages to put our visitors onto the fish, often at the expense of his own fishing time. Marc and his family are here for a week, so we hope to post a report soon on some more 'personal bests' and 'firsts'. Good luck on the water folks!


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COngrats to brother Marc on his salt water initiation!! Superb that he hooked a flattie on his first session! Shame you busted off on yours & lost the lure, tho! :( Well done to Deno again for his part in the smooth running operation! :)

Big White Caps offshore all today - had a paddle yesterday but dropped 2 flatties & only caught a pike! :1badmood:

Slowly getting our waterways back to ourselves ..... fewer idiots out on the water, but stkll too many!

My brother Sails & his family arrive today for a week, so ....... FISHING BIGTIME!!! :)



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