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Wilson Rods For Jewfish And Kings...?


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gday, just wondering if anyone can help me decide on a wilson rod for live baiting jews from the beach and spinning kings and salmon off the rocks... i have recently got my hands on a wilson FSU4120 overhead from a market for 17 dollars which i was thinking of using with my old speedmaster

(also got a live fibre 10' for the same price ,had it for 2 days and my old man closed the car window on the tip and crushed the blank :ranting2: not to happy)

to make a long story short i was after some advice on a nice spinning rod i can use with my baitrunner 4500 . i went to tackle world today to hunt for one and found a nice FSU5120 im thinking about purchasing ...

any advice on a suitable rod would be apreciated because im no expert on the subject of beach fishing ...............Cheers :1fishing1:

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