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Bay Kings


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Hey guys,

Got the call from my cousin Mickybee to go for a kingie fish on saturday morning in his boat

Got on the water at about 5am and headed out to micks kingie spot.... sat around until the first light and mick armed with a popper and myself with a flickbait proceeded to spin various spots around the bay.... after about 5 casts i was onto my first king for the day... a good fight and about 5mins later we boated our first he went 60cm.

My Dad and my brother (Corey) and uncle (johnny) got on the water about 630-7 in our boat and headed out to the secret spot... they got nothing, so we decided to call it quits in this area and go out and see dad...

Corey and Johnny got dusted around the markers in the shipping channel so we had some heavier gear to decided to give it a go....

Mick hooked up to something that hit and took off like a freight train.... i motored up and we managed to get it away from the marker and then the hook pulled... we retrieved the hook with a bit of skin was still attached!!!

Mick and i called it quits at about 10ish and i gave my rod and my last mojo to Corey.... he hooked up and landed his first king!!!

Mick and i proceeded to boat about 7 kingies between 55-60 cm all from the same area....

A great day on the water, my brother and i took the girls out yesterday to try and get them again, but we left too late and there was no kings around...

A good weekend had out there!!



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